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New control system for PFR kilns and system upgrade for existing transport routes and material sorting with control design for parallel start-up of new PFR kiln during the production of old rotary furnaces

HW engineering, programming, commissioning

Total number of PLCs S7-1500: 10

Total number of screens: 150

Total number of I/O signals: 10 000

Total spent hours: 15 000+ 

Replacement of control systems for interlocking and diagnostic systems, hydraulic stations, lubrication systems, emulsion systems, auxiliary input mechanisms, work stations

Modernization of Telemecanique, Alstom AH systems, relay logic on HiPac

HW engineering and supply of switchboards. 

Total number of I/O signals: 10 500

Total spent hours: 15 000 

Blast furnace NG injection resulted in a reduction of CO2 emissions due to the reduced dosage of powdered coal

HW engineering, programming, commissioning, debugging

New PLC Simatic S7-1500, S7-1200


Total number of I/O signals: 500

Total number of hours: 2 500

Regulation of cooling water for Steel-plant, Conti-casters, Hot and Cold Rolling Mills

Distribution of gas, water, electrolysis, emulsion decomposition and neutralization plant

Hardware engineering

Replacement of 5x PLC ABB AC450 & 2x PLC AC110 for 5x PLC AC800M

Total number of I/O signals: 10 000

Number of screens: 300 

Regulation of DRI – chemical reduction of iron ore using natural gas

Management of iron ore transport, Briquetting line, Dust removal, Water management system

HW engineering, delivery and commissioning of the complete ABB 800xA control system

Total number of I/O signals: 5 000

Number of screens: 250 

Replacement of obsolete HMI AS500 operator stations with ABB 800xA

Design of new graphic elements

Automatic conversion of graphic screens

Number of operator stations: 5

Total number of I/O signals: 15 700

Number of screens: 350